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I was eating breakfast, Saturday May 30th, when i got a call.

It was my mom.

Grandpa had passed away that morning at 6:30.

I didn't know how to mourn or how to cope.

It was my first time experiencing death in my family.

I got flowers that day in the late afternoon, lilies.

I put them in a vase and took a picture.

For the next week, I couldn't process. I just kept moving.

I was exhausted and restless.

Sitting here. Sitting there.

I tried to stay motivated, tried to get inspired.

I took a picture.

In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening - cycle.

A sunrise, a sunset.

Documenting this "still life" dying.

It took twenty days for all the petals to fall off.

It has been twenty days since my grandpa died.

Memories of Grandpa
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